7 Ways to promote online store in App Store

Mobile marketing is a strategically important step for Ecommerce. In 2017, the number of mobile sessions in the category Shopping Grew by 54%. In addition to the fact that having a mobile application brings credibility to the online store, it plays a key role in retaining loyal customers and increasing repeat sales.

Below we will consider the main channels of promotion Ecommerce Applications. The most effective advertising tools are Digital–and Media channels: Paid search marketing, paid shows in social networks, sending in messengers and SMS.

1. Contextual advertising

Google AdWords Gives you an opportunity to increase your app’s rating with ads in the search engine (PPC) and Media network Google. In the first case, your ad will appear on targeted user requests in search results. In the second, it will appear inside other applications. Both options are effective, but Media Network Google gives more traffic due to much less competition.

Advantages of PPC-advertising:

    In the settings of the targeted campaign you can choose demographic characteristics, location and time when your ad will be shown. Ability to target devices depending on operating system, device model, mobile operator or connection to Wi-Fi. The ability to target your ads on the installation. These campaigns cover a large audience of users.


2. Expansion

In addition to advertising Google Adwords You can use Bing To promote your application in the services of Yahoo. com, Aol. co and the Bing.

You can also place a link to your app in the PPCSnippet With advertising your site using tags to index, allowing users to download the app directly from the search results. In this case, you will need to pay for this ad only if the user will follow the link.

7 Ways to promote online store in App Store

3. Pre-Roll

Pre-Roll (pre-advertisement) is a short promotional video that runs before the main video selected by the user for playback. Sometimes it is possible to skip it for further viewing of video, sometimes it is impossible.

Although most people tend to miss ads on average in just 5 seconds, Preroll-The videos are still a topical tool. However, advertising that you cannot skip is even more effective for interaction. The reason for this is that users accept such videos as a symbolic fee for free content, and click on them 27 times more often than on regular advertising banners.

4. Advertising in social networks

One more effective channel is social networks. The most convenient and efficient way to promote Ecommerce Applications is Facebook. When you configure Advertising for the purpose of installation In the Facebook Business, your ad with direct links to App Store, Google Play And Kindle Fire Store will be shown in not only in Facebook, but also in Instagram And Audience. Moreover, ads can be displayed in the news feed of your target audience as well as in Messenger.

7 Ways to promote online store in App Store

You can also inform your regular and potential customers about the application via SMS and Viber. When setting up such distributions, we recommend that you consider the time difference in different times and send messages only while your recipients are awake. However it is not necessary to get involved in this way-one-two distributions will be enough.

5. Partners

To promote the application can attract referrals. They are companies or bloggers who will talk about your app to their audience. When choosing a partner, we recommend you to study them well, consider the cost, targeting capabilities and develop an interaction structure. In order to simplify the process of site search, marketers associate with reputable publishers within the framework of the Certified Partnership program

The unconditional trend of recent years – advertising through Youtube Blogs. This tool appeared when most users started to install blockers advertising like Adblock. Video bloggers, regardless of the subject of their vloga, begin to advertise products and services directly in the movie. Why your Ecommerce-Application should be an exception?

6. Optimization in App Store

Paid advertising is effective, but its successful implementation requires a serious budget, while the mobile app stores (App Store/Google Play) are a natural habitat for Ecommerce Applications. Optimization in the App Store uses proven tactics that allow you to significantly increase your app’s rating and make it easier for users to search.
Special attention in Optimizing a App Store We recommend you to give the following keywords:

    Ideally, your headline should consist of 3-5 most important keywords. Place the remaining keywords in the app’s description. Don’t duplicate them. Use individual words instead of complex phrases. Optimize your description for quick perception and indexing. Use keywords from user feedback. Use the keyword feature offered by App Store Analytics.

7 Ways to promote online store in App Store

Do not forget to keep track of your competitors, as well as analyze your positions and reviews. The latter has a particularly strong impact on downloads, as users trust comments more than screenshots and descriptions.

For large coverage It is better to use both paid and organic methods at the same time. Because every paid campaign gives you the opportunity to increase the number of organic downloads in the proportion of 1:1.5.

7. Advertising on the site

Unlike games, for Ecommerce-Applications do not need to create Landing. It will be enough to place a download link on your site. Here are some options on how to do this:

1. Place the section title in the footer of your site

2. Add stickers to download from App Store/Google Play.

3. Create a popup or banner with the application on your website and offer your customers bonuses after downloading.

4. Place on your site The advertising panel which offers to install the application.

7 Ways to promote online store in App Store

You can also report the app using your Email Distribution.


Developing an application for an online store is not only the current trend, but also an effective tool to increase sales in your online store. Thanks to fast loading of goods, the process of purchase becomes easier and more pleasant. The application improves customer interaction and enhances brand confidence.

Combine paid and organic channels to reach as large an audience as possible. You can advertise your app using search engines, social and bloggers, but first optimize it in App Store So that users can easily find it by keywords. And the main thing-do not forget to use Own site as an advertising platform.

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