As Ford Became the most photographed car brand in the movie and why Product Placement is a great idea

Since its inception, the film industry has remained an influential instrument of influence on mass culture and public opinion, so it is not surprising that many brands aspire to associate their name with one or another picture. There are a lot of advertising techniques for this, but Product Placement and performance monitoring with performance marketing software, which implies the appearance of a product or other recognizable elements of the brand in the film, is one of the most popular.

This has not bypassed the automotive industry, because often it is the machine as best emphasizes the character of the protagonist. Thus, according to the study, which was conducted by the British analytical platform, the most removable automobile brand in the world film industry became Ford. According to the platform, cars of this brand appeared on the screen almost 9000 times. It should be noted that the calculation of the results took into account not only the short appearance of the vehicle in the frame. The machine was also to be involved the main character of the tape or to have a full-fledged screen time.

Speaking directly about the brand models, the real “movie stars” of steel grades Ford Mustang, the bestseller of the American Sportscar segment for the last 50 years, the full-size van Ford Econoline and six-seater sedan Ford Crown Victoria. We invite you to take a look at the top 3 most vivid appearance of models in the cinema.

1. Ford Mustang gt390 Bullit In ‘ Detective Bullitt ‘ (1968)

The star of the sports car was the 1968 American film ‘ Bullitt ‘, narrating about the same detective, the role played by Steve Mcqueen. A car chase through the streets of San Francisco, in which the protagonist Frank Bullitt on a shiny dark green Ford Mustang gt390 pursues two criminals, effectively maneuvering and entering the steep turns, became one of the most influential in the world cinema, due to its scale and entertainment.

By the way, in July 2018 at the Festival of Speed “Goodwood”In England was first introduced to the original Mustang BullitThat was considered lost before the beginning of this year. Visitors to the festival could observe how the famous sportscar takes part in the ascent of the hill on the 1.9-kilometer track under the control of Sean’s owner. Kirnan (Sean Kiernan).

2. Ford Crown Victoria In ‘ (2004)

In due time this model has become a loyal friend of fearless American policemen and drivers of New York taxi, so even now no Hollywood blockbuster does not do without at least one frame with a sedan.

In the film ‘ New York Taxi ‘, the main character, being the fastest taxi driver of New York, Mchit on yellow The customization Crown Victoria On the city in the hope of realizing his dream-to participate in real races. Sedan heroine deserves separate attention, because of the usual yellow taxi in a few seconds, it transforms into a real racing machine, equipped with hydraulic suspension, sports bumper and air intake.

3. Ford Econoline In ‘ Dumb and Still Dumber ‘ (1994)

The film “Dumb and Dumber” filled not only the main role of Jim Kerry, who played a near but infinitely good adventurer, constantly falling into ridiculous situations. Not unnoticed and unique in its kind van Ford Econoline That creative designers have turned into a giant plush dog on wheels.  

In America Ford Econoline Also popular among government agencies and special services, so in the movie model can often be found as an ambulance or an FBI car.

So why Product Placement In cinema is one of the most popular marketing techniques among brands? There are several reasons for this:

  • Mass character. If advertising on television is more often limited to the audience of one country, movies, especially world blockbusters, are access to potential buyers from all over the world.
  • Stealth, or The nativeSuch advertising catches the viewer’s eye much less than the same intrusive advertising pauses on television.
  • Inability to rewind or switch. Most often the brand is organically embedded in the film’s plot. For example, a brand product is used by the main character or is an integral part of storytelling.
  • Association. Another strong side of this technique, which is often hunted by marketers. With competent Product Placement, when both the film and the product itself are complementary elements, the consciousness of the spectator creates certain associations of the brand-film-lifestyle, where the film itself is a bridge between the two elements. Thus, the appearance of Ford Mustang In cult films, leitmotif of which were speed, drive and risk, in many respects created cars that same corporate image of the model.

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