Chat Bots in Ecommerce: How to communicate with the audience

Why this is important

Chat bots are designed to simulate interactive communication with a visitor to your site. They are usually created on the basis of Messengers Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber etc. The target audience of online stores uses these applications to communicate with friends and family every day. Successfully using this channel of communication, the Internet-shop can successfully stand out among competitors and to put to itself more loyal audience.

There are three main areas in Ecommerce That use chat bots are marketing, sales, and customer support. Let’s take a closer look at how it can automate interaction with customers.


The main task of marketing in online business is to provide potential customers with complete and accessible information about their products or services. Most often it is done with a number of platforms, such as social networks, blog, e-mail, thematic forums. It all depends on what kind of return you want to receive and on which audience the message is calculated.

Chat Bots in Ecommerce: How to communicate with the audience

Each platform is capable of giving a certain result. For example, you can solve the problem of low coverage with the help of messengers and chat bots. They allow you to reach up to 80% of your subscribers with a single click.

You can automate this tool to publish content regularly. It is enough to develop the algorithm of interaction with the target audience and launch a chat-bot, which will be in contact 24/7. At the right time, he will do all the planned actions, not missed anything important.


The main stage of any purchase is making a purchase decision. That’s why you should be responsive to your users ‘ requests and persuade them to choose your product or service before competitors do. The chat-bot functions at this stage are quite diverse:

    Answers to clients ‘ questions; Links to current articles; providing comparative characteristics; Recommendations of popular products, etc.

Depending on the type of your business, you may need to ask up to 30 questions about your audience needs before you can make a sale. If the buyer is already loyal enough to your brand, just know that he is looking for your product. As Buyers are advancing In the process of buying and asking about the product, the chat-bot can take over all the work and bring the customer to the checkout, identifying his needs.

Chat Bots in Ecommerce: How to communicate with the audience


When you plan content and respond to your audience’s questions in a timely manner by using a chat bot, you teach it. This is a great opportunity to handle most Customer-generated questions that can be answered by copying data from the archive. This approach allows you to pay attention to the customers who are really in need, and not to those who daily ask the same questions to your technical support.

Chat Bots in Ecommerce: How to communicate with the audience


Communication with the target audience via chat bots has a number of advantages.

1. High level of involvement

According to data CTIA Studies (Association of Telecommunication Systems), the average time of viewing the message in the Messenger is about 90 seconds, and in Email is 90 minutes. That’s why chat bots in instant messengers are a much more operative way of communicating with clients.

2. Functionality and cost

Many companies still use SMS-mailing, although its ability to insert images, videos or hyperlinks is quite limited. In Messengers, chat-Bots are available buttons, Gif-Images and other Call-to-action. In addition, once paid for the development of the chat-bot, you do not need to spend additional money at each dispatch.

3. Interactivity

Unlike traditional advertising channels, such as television, magazines, radio, etc., where there is a one-way communication, chat bots are able to interact with the audience and give it a choice.

Chat Bots in Ecommerce: How to communicate with the audience

4. Personalization

When using a chat-bot, the received messages can be forwarded to a specific technical support specialist. This makes communication in messengers more personal. This is the kind of communication people prefer to get from the companies with which they conduct business.


Each business area has its own peculiarities, so it is necessary to do tests, analyze and improve processes. You have to set a goal to persuade users that your chat bot is the best way to help solve their problem.

In order for a chat-bot to meet its responsibilities it is necessary to regularly provide useful information to customers and make you feel that you care about them. Explore your potential customers, find out which applications they are accustomed to communicating with, adjust Your strategy Interaction. Then you can send useful content for them, such as personal discounts, product or service reviews, news or answers.

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