Ecommerce Applies Big Data

The more information a business owner has, the sooner he will make the right decision. This is especially true for information about the target audience. Therefore, the use Big Data (Big Data) is in the trends of the most discussed information technologies for 5 years, only in recent years conceding the subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ecommerce Applies Big Data

What the Big Data

Exists Few Definitions of this concept, depending on the authority of the source.  The most common approach 3V:

· Volume (volume);

· Variety (diversity);

· Velocity (speed).

In other words, Big Data is a large amount of various information that is generated Very fast. Typically, it is large enough to not fit into standard tables Excel, and processing such data arrays requires additional processing power.

Approach Big Data implies that you accumulate information from different sources: browser, smartphone, external resources, etc. This can be data on the behavior of the site, the history of visits, the frequency of purchases or preferences of the buyer. Then these indicators are combined, processed, and based on the algorithms of prediction of further behavior.

The internet itself consists of large amounts of data: Every day is produced up to 2.5 billion gigabytes of new information. In fact, if you are conducting market research, collecting data from social, or tracking search engine trends in your niche, you are already using Big Data On an almost permanent basis.

Below we will look at several ways to do it more efficiently.

1. Connect to the Internet of Things

Idea The Internet Of Things (Iot) is that we do everyday things “smarter” by making them connect to the Internet. Let your smart watch be equipped with a less powerful processor than your computer or smartphone, but their capabilities go far beyond the normal wrist watch. They are used to collect data on the physical condition and habits of the owner (including purchasing).

Although Iot Provides a wide range of opportunities for the analysis of the target audience, the development of online business in this direction inevitably faces a problem. The more devices connect users to the Internet, the faster the volume of data that the marketer is forced to operate.  therefore understanding Big Data is a necessary condition for development Ecommerce.  The Internet of things has become among application developers the main niche for analysis Data in 2016.

Ecommerce Applies Big Data

Following IDC Report, 31.4% of companies Already have introduced the principle Iot In their business decisions, and another 43%-plan to implement in the near future. Without adequate data collection and analysis technology coming from different gadgets, online business loses the ability to interact with Holed Customers to increase sales.

2. Track trends

Google Trends – Very simple, and most importantly-a free service to start working with big data. It collects information about search queries of users from all over the world and presents it in the form of graphs.

This is a good tool to track what your target audience is looking for and what topics it cares about. The ability to assess the popularity of certain search queries can provide an overview of the demand and supply in your business niche.

3. Analyze the user

It was not easy to personalize the online store for a certain visitor, most often used the information specified in the personal account directly by the client. The script adapted the goods in stock, the price and the cost of delivery to the desired region. Big Data Also offers ample opportunities for micro – Targeting. The larger the volume of data on Potential clients you own, the more carefully you will set up the commodity issue under each of them.

Don’t try to sell it all at once. Today business is much more profitable to keep an old buyer than to find a new. According to Market research Ecommerce, repeated purchases provide up to 70% of sales of the online store.

Big Data Can reveal information that you would not think to track: from clothing style to the date of changing summer tires to winter. And each of these, at first glance, minor facts can tell a lot about your target audience and predict what else it will interest.  For example, Amazon Offers products based on the history of views and the perfect shopping. And almost always hits the target.

Ecommerce Applies Big Data

4. Develop Mobile

Mobile devices and social networks generate a huge amount of data daily, and the pace of growth is increasing. According to data GlobalWebIndex, already in 2016 users connected to the Internet on average from 3 different devices, and most of them were mobile (tablets, smartphones). Therefore, the approach Mobile-First Gradually becomes a priority – the analyst of large Ecommerce-projects shows a significant increase in conversions among purchases made through mobile devices.

Ecommerce Applies Big Data

Online stores usually use Trackers – Special code that monitors actions in mobile applications. They allow you to quickly accumulate and analyze Information about the user’s behavior, pulling his data from the social (if the user logged through the appropriate account).

Such Trackers Can be implemented in the form of open source utilities, which allows you to customize them for the purpose of your business. They can be found, for example, on the platform Datameer.

Ecommerce Applies Big Data

Among other things, Trackers Provide detailed analysis of traffic sources and conversions. By owning such information, you will be able to understand the preferences of your buyer, predict its behavior and lead to the product page, which his Probably interested.

5. Use ready-made solutions

Most Large online stores collect and analyze data about their customers. Accordingly, for the processing of large volumes of information about site visitors there are ready solutions in the form of programmable interfaces and BI-platforms, such as OWOX. This system allows you to work with Big Data and analyze all information about your company and key competitors.

These analytics systems are delivered Assembled View and set up by developers for a certain type of business, which allows you to significantly save the budget. Large Ecommerce-Projects often develop their own platforms, but it is a long and quite costly process.


Big Data Provides a quality jerk for the brand that is the first to learn how to work with it. The trend is not in the fact of using big data, but in strengthening their role for effective business.

Big Data Should be a key factor in your marketing strategy. If you learn how to collect and use this information correctly, you will not just increase your conversion rate and average check, but also quickly find a common language with your client, turning it from a single buyer to a brand lawyer.

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