How to apply Machine Learning And Big Data In contextual advertising

Today, experts from Google We had a master class for PPC specialists. Told what Branding And Performance-Solutions Google Used to work with the audience in 2018. We share with you the Insajtami of this meeting.

Google Teaches online business to gradually depart from the “front-line” methods of internet marketing. Instead of the usual advertising targeting in the context of search queries, another tactic is offered. It is less focused on Cookies Sites, but in a much Greater The interests of each individual user. For this purpose are used as already old and well-proven tools (for example, special audiences on interests – Custom Affinity Audiences) and new, extracted Google In 2017.

Custom Intent Audience Allows you to target your ads on the display network Google For users who intend to buy your product or service in the foreseeable future. Machine learning methods are used to form the audience (Machine Learning) and Mix Carefully selected keywords.

Connection Smart Display Campaigns Allows you to automate the management of advertising campaigns in many ways and show them to potential buyers at all stages of the sales chain – from forming an interest to the product before making a purchase decision. By using these campaigns, you can save time that Usually It is spent on performing routine actions or customizing campaigns manually:

    Automatic Bidding – Management of rates, price for conversion, etc.); Automatic targeting, including users who have already visited the site; Automatically create an ad from a finished Feed.

By combining several of these tools at once, you can more flexibly customize the display of ads to the interests of the target audience. says that automating campaigns brings 20-30% more conversions.

It is worth mentioning the new format of video advertising – Trueview For ActionThat earned just a month ago. Outwardly it resembles the usual Preroll Who have long been working in Youtube. At the end such a short clip contains a button Call-to-action With a reference to the target resource. The cost of a click is several times lower than the standard advertising, and the target audience is selected, based on the user requests in Google.

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