Non-standard SEO solutions for a large online store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often the main channel of sales Ecommerce-projects, generating organic traffic to the site. For more information, see In the study Ecommerce Report 2017.

Non-standard SEO solutions for a large online store

Every business wants to squeeze maximum traffic from this source. In this article we will look at a list of non-standard SEO solutions for EcommerceTo use this channel more effectively.

Standard SEO

Standard SEO implies the presence of the following features:

    The semantic core has been worked out; Key queries are optimally distributed between pages; Optimized catalogue of goods; Optimized product cards; The main combinations of product filters have been optimized.

Optimized pages should contain quality headers, meta Tags Micro Markup and texts. If these works have been carried out and give the desired result – your SEO is in order.

However, the business often faces more ambitious challenges: there is never much traffic, and positions in the Serps can be improved. Let’s take a look at some non-obvious approaches that can lead to additional traffic to your Ecommerce Project.

Approach 1. Non-obvious filters

Some products can be combined not by their technical characteristics, but by the needs of end users. In each category, users search for products with “popular” names, such as Tablet for schoolboy.

Such goods are available on the site, but they are not grouped by such criteria. And the user is forced to wade through a large number of filters to find the right products. Moreover, there is no Landing, which would allow to promote this group of goods on such a “popular” request. While they make up 5-10% of traffic across the category.

The task of SEO-Specialist is to filter for the user these products and make for them a separate Landing. To find such non-standard queries, you need to constantly analyze existing search queries in your category.

Approach 2. Deep development of the catalogue

See if all filters are included in your semantic core. Some products may have a new option. or some new indicator of demand has appeared – for example, Selfie smartphones Or TVs with Led.

If such filters are not included in the current promotion, this leads to the loss of existing demand. These queries also need to be created Landing and optimize them.

Approach 3. Working with indexing

In the Ecommerce It is not uncommon to create a large number of new low-frequency requests or new demand Landing. In this case, search engines rather slowly add them to the index, or even worse-the old pages fall out of the index, giving place to the new. There are also situations when you need to remove outdated pages from the index-with irrelevant or missing items and replace them with newer ones. In all of these cases, you need to actively manage indexing in order not to lose sales.

To do this you need to have two lists of pages:

    Optimized for Serps; Indexed by the search engine.

Comparing these lists, you will see the indexing of which pages to be affected. This can be done through internal linking, work with Xml–and Html-Maps, placing external links to the necessary pages.

Approach 4. Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Usually under content marketing for Ecommerce Understand SEO-texts, which are written for information requests. That is, together with the request Buy TV Need to get into the issue yet and on request How to choose a TV.

A more effective approach to content marketing is to create content that meets the real interests of the user and helps to solve the real problem.

Let’s take an example. Before the Internet shop of household appliances is the task to sell as many refrigerators. Accordingly, the challenge before SEO-to cover demand in all possible ways.

You can write a few dozen optimized articles with keywords How to choose a refrigeratorOr Best refrigerator for Office. But there are two problems: first, so do everything, secondly, these articles are useless for consumers.

Therefore it is better to write articles that will be really useful to people who need a new refrigerator. This is the category of consumers who are faced with the problem of choice, for example, when moving, buying an apartment, expanding the family, changes in the diet. Such content will rank well and increase visitors ‘ loyalty to the store.

Council. Analyze buyers poetries articles on your site. Most likely, the conversion rate of such buyers will be higher than the others.

Approach 5. Native Advertising

High-quality external links to your resource are very important for promotion. At the same time to buy them is unprofitable neither shop, nor the platform. It is much more efficient to create interesting content that other sites will publish on their own.

These can be useful articles about a product or service, such as a calorie calculator that is logically associated with your top-rated refrigerator. A particularly effective method is carrying out social actions, for example the action on urban landscaping

All this will help you to get quality links and increase brand awareness.

Approach 6. Portal pages by interest

Products can be grouped according to different customer life situations. For example, a section of goods for young parents or those who are moving to a new home. You can create a portal page and place the items that are needed by these people. There also create a mini-blog, where you can tell what is best suited in these situations, which is useful in the first place, and what is important to remember.

Another option is grouping of goods by interests. For example, the online store creates a section of the site for fans Marvel, decorated in the appropriate style and containing only the relevant goods. Once in this section, Fan Marvel I will return to your purchase and tell you about it in your community.

In conclusion, we will say that in the field of Ecommerce There are many opportunities to increase the amount of organic traffic. The simplest and most effective way to do this is to use non-standard moves that are not made by competitors.

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