SEO Trends 2018

Google Constantly updates the algorithms of ranking search results. This leads experts on Internet marketing to the need to adjust their SEO strategy to the changing rules of the game. Therefore, before you start a new product or marketing solution, it is important to predict and consider future changes. In this article we will try to understand the main trends of search engine optimization, which are the most typical for 2018.


Google RankBrain is a complex system based on machine learning that helps Google Sort search results. It works quite primitively: first thermometer How users interact with search results, and then ranks the results according to their behavior.

Let’s take an example. Enter the query “How to develop the application” in the search string:

Let’s say that the second result seemed more attractive to you (not least because of the star rating in Snippet) and you have moved to this site. It turned out that this is a good site and useful article. RankBrain Makes a corresponding mark, and the result on the second line increases its rating.

If it turns out that the information on this site is absolutely inappropriate, RankBrain will also make a note, but with a reverse effect-lower the rating of this site and remove it from the top of the issue

In this way, the system monitors two indicators:

· Duration of page viewing;

· Ctr (CTR) — Percentage of users who have moved to this page

Ctr Snippets

Snippet Is a block of information, which is displayed under the link to the Site page in the SERP. It contains a short description corresponding to the entered request. The search results Snippets May look different. Some are more attractive than others, and the user will most likely choose the one that is better.

RankBrain Sometimes the pages are higher than they should be. If the result is an average CTR, the page’s rating will also grow. If it does not receive additional clicks, Google Maybe remove it from the first lines of the issue. If you want to raise the CTR of your ads in organic search, work on attractiveness Snippet, including over its.

Snippet On Request Refrigerators “In the search results may look like this:

In this case, the photo may not be displayed in full on mobile devices:

Relevant content

Sometimes to attract users is used so-called clickbait – a loud title of a movie or an article that does not match its contents. Google Became smarter and began to pay attention to it. Now it analyzes not only the content, but also Context Article.

Already now on commercial requests in Google Often ranked articles from different blogs – the search engine tends to show the user the most relevant result. Therefore, the algorithms Google In addition to the title and keywords, the articles also analyze how Useful its contents. If a topic is disclosed on a page, then such content ranked better:

How to write to please Google?

1. Write a lot of content. Text length in more than 2000 words can be covered completely almost any topic. Lonreads, detailed posts in the blog, Guides And the leadership of ranked is much higher than the short texts.

2. Add LSI-words. These are the keywords that are directly related to your topic. When the search robot sees them on your site it will consider that the theme is fully disclosed and better RanksPage.

3. Use Search hints. These are the words that are located at the bottom of the Serps page, in the “Together with the query frequently searched” block. Track them and add to the text.

Index Mobile First

It has been announced for a long time, and it seems that this year it will still appear. The share of mobile traffic in Google is 60%, and in 2018 will only increase – it is said Data of the Ukrainian directorate Google. Users of tablets and smartphones spend less time online than desktop users. And more importantly, they prefer sites from the first lines of the Serps. So Google Will consider the mobile version of the site Basic. This means that all content that is displayed in the mobile version will be indexed in the first place.

How to prepare for indexing Mobile First:

· Your content should be displayed the same on both mobile and desktop;

· Move from the mobile version of the site to the adaptive (so-called Responsive Design);

· Make sure your site is optimized for popular mobile devices.

This is especially important for the market Ecommerce. People are increasingly buying from mobile devices, and their number continues to grow.

SEO Trends 2018

Video Marketing

By 2021, the video will cover up to 80% of all Internet traffic. Youtube Already now-the second search network after Google. More and more people are looking for information on Youtube, ignoring the Google. If you want to get more SEO traffic in 2018, It is worth creating and optimizing content specifically for Youtube. If you do not create video content, it will make your competitors-and would pass you on the turn.

Why this is important:

· When you publish SEO-optimized videos on Youtube, you improve your visibility in Google In general;

· Google Started adding links to video hosting (especially on Youtube) in the mobile image issue.

Voice Search

The popularity of voice search is growing as fast as the popularity of mobile search:

· 40% of adults use voice search at least once a day;

· Voice Search in Google Use 35 times more often than 10 years ago;

· 20% of all mobile search cases are voice.

Many SEO specialists have already started to optimize their projects under voice search. First of all, it is recommended to do the following:

· The page should be on the first page of the issue Google;

· Availability of Extended Snippet encouraged;

· Place a question and answer on the landing page.

Link Building

Despite the new trends, SEO is primarily a reference. Without good content it is difficult to get natural links, and without Backlink On relevant resources it is difficult to get into the top 10 Serps Google. A Without giving out on the first page thinking about RankBrain, voice search or Mobile-First Index is not necessary. So the links Still are important at all stages of optimization. First line of the search issue Google Always depends on the number of backlinks.


So, search engine optimization in 2018 follows the following trends:

1. RankBrain and behavioral factor;

2. Ctr Snippets;

3. Quality content;

4. Mobile-First;

5. Video content;

6. Voice search.

The differences between commercial and informative requests are gradually blurred. It becomes more and more difficult to receive conversions directly, and a detailed description of a service/product and “sale” of this text to the user is more effective. Competition in Ecommerce In 2018 will only grow, and in the end would be those online stores that provide the most complete and information on their Landing Pages.

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