Six questions to the Internet Marketing

Working in internet marketing for more than seven years, I have had to deal with various Ecommerce Projects. That is why I have accumulated enough experience to share with both business owners and other marketers.

Internet marketing involves fierce competition, so you have no right to error. Learning new approaches is not a big deal if you don’t use them in practice, constantly editing and testing new approaches. So, what are the main questions to ask yourself before you start working on a new project?

To whom?

First, focus on your client’s target audience. Different products meet different needs and therefore should be sold to different consumers. Moreover, Internet marketers often have to work with several priority audiences.

Gender, age, education and place of residence change quite seldom, while behavioral habits, interests, beliefs and external factors are much more diverse. And they may change unexpectedly: During Abnormally mild winter sale of warm clothes fall and you need to be super Creative marketer to encourage people to buy your parks and down jackets.

When you make sure you know your audience well, you can run promotional campaigns that encourage sales.


The question here is: at what point in time should you interact with the target user during his Customer Journey (Customer interaction cycle with the brand) on the site. Traditionally, the custom behavior model looks like the following:

However, today the picture looks much more complicated: the experience of buying becomes more personal, and as a result users need various triggers to help determine what they have a problem and what product or service can solve it.

Explore the variety of ways that lead your customers to target conversion. Ask your managers, conduct interviews with current customers, or hire a consultant to help you better understand your audience.

A what?

This is the most difficult and the most interesting part of the marketer’s work – creating a message that you would like to convey to your potential customers. The answer to this question Allows you to create new creative ideas that affect the choice of customers and therefore generate more sales.

The main thing is that you and your team should clearly understand whether the promoted brand is well known to the target audience. If Target Audience Clearly understands the advantages of your product, the convenience of service and a unique trade offer – more than half of your work can be considered made. Otherwise, you have to scrupulous work on the development of brand awareness.

The main message can carry a different semantic load, In here You can learn more about this. As a marketer, I usually create targeted messages, messages about current realities, new ideas, customer needs, and so-called reframing messages.

Where is?

After you create the perfect message, you need to choose the way you get to the hearts of your CA. There are many internet marketing channels. In some cases it makes sense to conduct experiments, A/b-testing, in others-enough and traditional contextual advertising. Since the choice of channels may take some time, you should put enough time to analyze them in advance.

Feel free to also use automation tools such as Research Google. They will allow you to collect data that can significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The last on the list, but not the importance of the question that the marketer should ask himself – “Why did I do this?”

You should be able to evaluate your performance using appropriate metrics. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish simply important KPIs from those that measure the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to hire a qualified analyst – do it. It is extremely useful to get an objective look from the outside, when someone can evaluate all your key indicators and give dry figures.

When you are able to answer the above questions, you have one more: How to build a marketing strategy based on them, step by step? But this is already a topic for another article.

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